When you are looking for a commercial cleaning service for your Tiffin, Ohio business, you want to find one that can provide comprehensive solutions. Anyone can come in once or twice a week to empty the trash, run a vacuum, and do some basic restroom maintenance, but a successful business needs more than that. To make an excellent first impression and provide a healthy environment for your employees and customers, you need a comprehensive cleaning solution that can address all your commercial cleaning and maintenance needs. Since 1983 we’ve been doing just that.

Exterior Maintenance and Landscape Support

You may already have a contractor in place for your landscaping, but our cleaning services extend to the exterior of your building as well. If needed, our cleaning crews are ready to handle cleaning and maintenance for outdoor rubbish, entryways, pathways, and whatever other needs your business may have. We know the exterior of your commercial building is important for the image you present to the community, and we take pride in making sure your commercial space looks great inside and out.

Trash Removal and Recycling Management

We pride ourselves on being a complete and comprehensive commercial cleaning service for Tiffin, Ohio businesses. In addition to the cleaning services we offer for a variety of commercial buildings, we can also assist with trash removal and recycling management. We will work with your business to find a plan that supports your unique needs.

Improved Operational Efficiency

As a BBB certified business and part of ISN, a safety membership required by some of our valued customers, we can help improve your operational efficiency. As a comprehensive commercial cleaning solution since 1983, our goal is to take on this piece of your building management off of your hands. We take care of all the products and equipment needed for your commercial cleaning, eliminating the need for you to procure and store cleaning products. We will create a schedule and plan for both regular cleaning, as well as jobs that need to be done seasonally or on an as-needed basis. We can schedule deep cleanings and carpet cleanings for the time when these jobs will be least disruptive to your business operations.

We work closely in collaboration with your facility management teams to make sure we are always on the same page about what is being done and what needs to be adjusted. Facility management is a complex process with many moving parts. With Quality Cleaning Service, your team can focus on the other aspects of facility management. We always strive to work in tandem with your team to increase efficiency and to streamline cleaning tasks.

As a BBB certified business and part of ISN, a safety membership required by some of our valued customers, we become an extension of your team the minute you bring us on board. Once we discuss your needs, your cleaning concerns are completely taken off your plate and put onto ours.

Beyond Regular Cleaning: Day Porter Services Make a Differencecommercial cleaning service employee cleaning and disinfecting an office desk

Having a cleaning service for your Tiffin, Ohio commercial building is important, but having a day porter will take things to the next level. Your cleaning service may be scheduled daily, weekly, or somewhere in between, but a day porter is a consistent presence during normal operating hours. A day porter is a person that is stationed in a commercial building to assist in the daily facility duties that may arise over the course of the day. This may include stocking restrooms and break rooms with paper and soap supplies, changing light bulbs, checking on entrances and waiting rooms to ensure they are always looking their best, monitoring beverage stations for spills, removing trash, and periodically checking the building for spills and other issues. A day porter’s duties will vary depending on the needs of your business or commercial building. With a day porter, you can be assured that your building will always be looking its best. High-traffic areas will benefit from regular checks and touch-ups, and spills and other hazards can be addressed immediately. With a day porter, your business will always give an excellent impression.

Partnering with Professional Day Porter Services

Choosing the right day porter can be complicated. Although we take care of the hiring, training, and background checks, you need to trust this person as a member of your team. When you are looking for a day porter, look for a cleaning service who can provide a day porter with experience and expertise in commercial environments. This person should be well versed in what needs to be done and how to get those tasks done discreetly.

Any commercial cleaning service you hire, including a day porter, should be fully compliant. A good commercial cleaning service will be bonded, licensed, and insured. All potential day porter candidates should be trained in best security practices. Often, your day porter will have access to spaces that not even your employees have. You need to trust that the commercial cleaning company providing your day porter understands the security requirements and is ready to meet them.

Your Tiffin, Ohio business deserves a comprehensive commercial cleaning service that can meet all your needs. We know that every business has unique concerns, and we are ready to work with you to find the right solution for your specific building, cleaning needs, budget, and schedule. At Quality Cleaning Service, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to create an individual plan for every commercial facility we serve. With decades of experience and excellent reputation with Tiffin, Ohio businesses, we will work hard to maintain the same status with you.

As a business owner, it’s hard to wear so many hats. Keeping your commercial business clean, tidy, and inviting doesn’t have to weigh you down. If you’re looking for reliable, consistent commercial cleaning, contact Quality Cleaning Service to learn more about our commitment to excellence and how we can help your business keep its best foot forward with regularly scheduled commercial cleaning services.