Having a clean and sanitized business space is a basic necessity. Employees and clients both want to know that they are spending their time in a clean environment. Dust, allergens, germs, and dirt can go unseen but have a detrimental effect on your workspace. A commercial cleaning service is more than just emptied trash cans and vacuumed floors. The impact of hiring a cleaning service for your Wauseon, Ohio business is significant.

Improved Image and Client Impressions

First impressions matter. Although you know that the value of your business comes from the work you do, the image you present to your clients and customers is still of great importance. Many business owners underestimate the power of their facility’s first impression. The product or service you are offering may be great, but if the first impression is one of dingy floors or grimy bathrooms, that will be the impression that sticks with visitors. You want to make sure that the first impression is as welcoming as can be.

Your employees were hired for the work they can do for your business, not how well they can housekeep. If your clients see your receptionist leaving her space to handle cleaning the restrooms, they may wonder about the efficiency of your office. When you hire a cleaning service for your Wauseon, Ohio business, you can maintain a clean and presentable facility at all times without taking your employees away from what they were hired to do.

Brand reputation cannot be understated. When your clients trust you, they are confident in their work with you. The impression you give with your facility contributes to your reputation, and therefore, the trust your clients have in you. When you are committed to maintaining your reputation with an impressive commercial image, you are committed to your clients.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices

Quality Cleaning Service cares about sustainability and eco-friendly practices. We have the knowledge and equipment to make each cleaning as eco-friendly as possible. We use high quality green cleaning supplies and products that will reduce your environmental footprint. Where some cleaning chemicals can contribute to pollution, we are dedicated to meet the corporate social responsibility goals your company strives for. With green cleaning products and procedures, there is less worry about chemical runoff that can cause pollution in the local water and soil. Our crews are trained in the best products to use that are both effective and eco-friendly. When we have our initial consultation, we will discuss which products and practices are most important to your company.

Flexibility and Customization

When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you take a major item off your to-do list. During our initial consultation, we will develop a tailored cleaning schedule, including the necessary tasks and frequency of cleaning your business requires. Let Quality Cleaning Service help keep your building clean and sanitized, without you needing to think about it.

Every commercial space has different cleaning needs, and developing a regular schedule is the first step. However, there are some jobs that will only need to be performed occasionally, such as deep cleaning floors and walls, and special circumstances that may arise. When you become a client of Quality Cleaning Service, we are committed not only to your regular needs, but your special requests as well. If you need something done out of the regular scope of the plan, you can rest assured that we are there to meet your needs.

Your goal is a clean commercial space, and our goal is to provide that without disrupting your business. Our cleaning service can accommodate any of your preferences. Some clients prefer to have their cleaning done during normal business hours, while others prefer to schedule all their cleaning after the close of business for the day. We can work with any schedule or preference to find a solution that works best for you and your space. No matter when you schedule your cleaning crew, you can trust them to be discreet and professional. When we are quietly efficient about providing you with a clean space, you can focus on running your business without distraction.

Peace of Mind and Reliability

Who you let into your space matters. When you hire a cleaning service, you are giving the crew access to spaces that not even your employees may have access to. We understand that this can be a concern, and since our humble beginning in 1983, we thoroughly vet every member of our cleaning crew. Each of our team members has had a background check as well as thorough training in best practices for privacy and security. We are bonded, licensed, and insured, and take pride in providing reliable, trustworthy commercial cleaning services in Wauseon, Ohio.

We know that you want consistency. While you may not have the exact same crew for each clean, our goal is to provide a consistent and high-quality clean for your space every time we visit. No matter which cleaners are there for your building, you can trust that every cleaner on our staff is highly trained in all cleaning methods and procedures and will always provide excellent service. We value reliability as much as you do.

close up photo of a professional cleaner disinfecting a desk

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control, and you need a cleaning situation addressed immediately. With our day porter service, you will have a prompt response to any cleaning emergencies, as well as the added benefits of spot cleaning and restocking for high traffic areas. With a day porter, any spills or unexpected messes can be addressed immediately by our staff – not yours – and your space will always be ready for business.

The impact of hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is significant. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you are letting both your employees and clients know that they are valued and you are committed to providing them with a clean, safe workspace. As a BBB certified business and part of ISN, a safety membership required by some of our valued customers, you can count on us to provide a reliable, thorough clean every time.  With eco-friendly practices, you can trust that your commercial space will always give the best impression. To learn more about how we can help keep your Wauseon, Ohio business clean and presentable, contact Quality Cleaning Service today.