Keeping your commercial building clean and your employees healthy goes far beyond simply tidying your workspaces. To have a clean and safe commercial building environment, you need to have in-depth, commercial cleaning done on a regular basis. This will help raise your image, keep your employees healthy, and lead to higher productivity. There are many different commercial cleaning companies to choose from, and the wrong one can cost your business significantly. To make sure that your investment is worthwhile, avoid these common mistakes when hiring a commercial cleaning company in Metamora, Ohio.

Mistake 1: Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company that Doesn’t Have Strong Management

If the commercial cleaning company you choose doesn’t have strong management, it doesn’t matter how good the cleaning crews are. A commercial cleaning company without strong management will not provide consistency or professionalism, and most likely, you will struggle with communication issues. Look for a commercial cleaning company with strong leadership and excellent communication skills. This will demonstrate that the company is committed to their reputation and will make sure you are always a satisfied customer.

close up photo of a professional cleaning a window

Mistake 2: Neglecting to Ask About Supplies Used

Cheap or low-quality products may make your office look and smell good on the surface, but they may provide undesirable results overall. Certain harsh chemicals may seem to be effective, but can cause serious issues with indoor air quality, which can be very harmful to both your staff and the environment. Make sure to ask your commercial cleaning company in Metamora, Ohio about the products and equipment they use. The cleaning products should be high-quality, eco-friendly, and effective for disinfection.

Mistake 3: Forgetting to Ask About Staff Background Checks and Training

Some commercial cleaning companies have a strict hiring policy, and some don’t. It’s not uncommon for commercial cleaning companies to use subcontractors without asking about their hiring procedures. You need to know exactly who is working in your facility. To know who has access to your space, you need to ask about background checks. This will give you peace of mind when welcoming a cleaning crew into your space. In addition, always ask for references. A good commercial cleaning company will be confident in their reputation and willing to provide you with the information you ask for.

Mistake 4: Hiring a Company that Doesn’t Provide Ongoing Staff Training

While cleaning seems like a simple job to train for, there is a lot that goes into commercial cleaning. Many commercial facilities require special techniques and cleaning methods. Initial training is important, but ongoing training is essential. As new germs and pathogens are discovered, new disinfection procedures are developed to combat those germs. If you care about the sanitization of your commercial building, you want to make sure that the commercial cleaning company you choose provides ongoing training to their employees.

Mistake 5: Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company Based Only on Cost

Cost is important. Budgets are tight, and most businesses are looking to protect their bottom line. Finding a really cheap cleaning company is possible, but you do get what you pay for. Focusing on cost alone will likely leave you with low-quality cleaning, poorly trained employees with a high rate of turnover, and management that is lacking. While finding a competitively priced cleaning company is still important, look at the value you are getting for the price. Look at the materials and equipment used, the training and specializations the company offers, and the references they can provide. You will quickly find that the investment in a quality commercial cleaning company is well worth the cost and will result in a reliable service provider.

commercial cleaning service employee cleaning and disinfecting an office deskMistake 6: Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company without Verifying Their License and Insurance

Cleaning companies may say that they are professional, but that doesn’t mean they have the proper qualifications. Every service provider should be able to provide you with all the paperwork that verifies them as a legitimate company qualified to operate in the Metamora, Ohio area. This means that they should be licensed, bonded, insured, and certified to work within your industry. If you skip this step, you are taking a big risk. Without the proper qualifications, you could be put in a very bad place if something were to happen. Rather than simply taking their word for it that they have the right credentials in place, make sure you ask for details.

Mistake 7: Not Reading the Service Agreement

When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you will get a service agreement. Always read the fine print. Not only should you read it, but ask questions about the parts where things are unclear to you. This agreement will include details about the services provided, what will happen in case of an incident, and the frequency of cleanings.

Mistake 8: Hiring Only for a Deep Cleaning

You may have thought you could avoid hiring a regular cleaning service, but now you are in need of services quickly to handle a situation that has gotten out of control. Rather than remedy the underlying mistake, you decide to hire quickly for a one time deep clean. This mistake will cost your company significantly. First, last minute cleaners are often overpriced and under qualified. Meeting with a commercial cleaning company in Metamora, Ohio to schedule regular cleanings is much more affordable and will keep your commercial space in better shape than calling in the professionals occasionally when things get desperate.

Our professional cleaning staff at Quality Cleaning Service has decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. As a BBB certified business and part of ISN, a safety membership required by some of our valued customers, our cleaning crews are highly trained in every aspect of commercial cleaning and can handle every space from warehouses, to office buildings, to medical and educational facilities. Every team member we employ has gone through a comprehensive background check, so you can feel confident in having them in your facility.  Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured. We offer flexible schedules and are well equipped to handle any of your cleaning needs. Contact us to get started.