Keeping businesses and educational facilities clean can be a struggle. Children touch everything with their hands, bodies, and even their mouths. Walls, floors, doorknobs, fixtures, and each other – nothing goes untouched in an education facility like a school or daycare. No matter how hard we educate kids in infection prevention, kids will be kids. It’s important for educational facilities to be vigilant in their cleaning to keep both the kids and employees as safe as possible. Regular cleaning is a given, but it’s not enough. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company for your business or educational facility in Adrian, Michigan can help.

Professional Cleaning Disinfects the Entire Facility

A professional deep cleaning is the only effective way to disinfect your entire building. Regular cleaning can reduce the risk of infection, but with the constant stream of students, parents, and employees in an educational facility, it isn’t enough to keep things consistently sanitized. Scheduling regular cleanings and also deep cleaning at regular intervals will help reduce the rate of infection tremendously. Deep cleaning goes further than daily disinfection. It will cover every inch of your facility. Deep cleaning will also reduce the dust and allergens that can irritate students and teachers throughout the day.

There’s a Big Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

Image is always important. Everyone wants to see a facility that is visually clean, but keeping a school clean is about much more than maintaining a good image. With the high rate of germ transmission, the cleaning in schools is done to protect the students and teachers from infection to create a safe environment. Cleaning will make things look nice, removing any visible dirt, spills, and stains. Most basic cleaning will not lift germs from the surface at all, but will just push them around, and in some cases, transfer them from surface to surface. Professional commercial cleaning goes beyond the surface level cleaning to sanitizing, using high-performance equipment to ensure complete sanitization of high-touch surfaces.

Many businesses and educational facilities in Adrian, Michigan benefit from our electrostatic cleaning method, which includes a positively charged misting system. This system safely and effectively sprays surfaces with a positively charged mist that adheres to neutral and negatively charged surfaces, wrapping them completely in the disinfecting chemicals. Because of this method of application, fewer chemicals need to be used. Ten minutes after the spray, the liquid will evaporate, leaving the surfaces undamaged and completely disinfected. Many medical facilities, food processing facilities, and educational facilities use this method to ensure true sanitation.

Deep Cleaning Means Healthier Students and Staff

Kids spread germs, even when they don’t appear sick. Everything in an educational facility is high-touch, and high-touch surfaces mean high germ transmission. However, this doesn’t mean that all educational facilities are doomed to be unhealthy. When you prioritize deep cleanings, disinfection, and sanitization, you will see a positive impact on attendance for both students and staff. Higher student and staff attendance means higher student achievement. In addition, you will save money on staff sick days, eliminate unwanted grimy areas and unpleasant odors, and will notice a marked difference in the indoor air quality.

Our Cleaning Products are Safe for Kids

Harsh chemicals might get the job done on germs, but they can cause poor indoor air quality with the smell and residue they leave behind. While you want to eliminate germs, you don’t want to put your students and staff in harm’s way. Any cleaning product used in an educational facility should be safe. Finding a commercial cleaning service that uses environmentally friendly cleaning products is important. Quality Cleaning Service is committed to making sure we focus on green cleaning. The products we use allow your facility to be kept clean while protecting students and staff from dangerous chemicals. Our professionals use the highest quality green cleaning products as well as top-of-the-line equipment, such as HEPA filter vacuums. We will always put safety and sustainability first.

Deep Cleaning isn’t a Substitute for Daily Cleaning

Deep cleaning is important to keep all areas of the facility clean and sanitized, but routine cleaning and daily disinfection is still essential. All educational facilities should have a regular schedule for professional, routine cleaning. While you can train your staff to handle immediate concerns, their main role is working with the children, not providing cleaning services. We at Quality Cleaning Service will work with educational facilities to develop a plan for both regular and deep cleaning services to make sure your facility looks great and is truly clean.

Can’t Educational Facilities Use Their Own Staff?

While most educational facilities employ someone to do the day-to-day janitorial work while the students are in the building, it’s not the most effective way to keep the facility sanitized. Janitorial services are not there for high-quality disinfection. To get the best possible clean, it’s important to find a commercial cleaning service that has the training and experience to banish germs from every surface. Commercial cleaning services train their staff in all aspects of commercial cleaning and disinfection. They have efficient services, top quality products and equipment, advanced technology, well-trained teams, and immediate customer service. In addition, Quality Cleaning Service also offers a day porter service, which will provide you with a highly trained individual in the building throughout the day to handle the upkeep of high-traffic areas and to handle spills or other incidents as they happen.

Today’s children in educational facilities have grown up in a world where germ transmission is an enormous concern, and we owe it to the families to provide them with a safe place to learn and grow. Using a professional commercial cleaning service for regular and deep cleaning will keep your entire building, including high-touch areas, clean, sanitized, and safe. Quality Cleaning Service is committed to helping your Adrian, Michigan educational facility stay clean, especially as your students are exposed to outbreaks of viruses and bacteria. All our employees are pre-screened, professional, and highly trained. Your educational facility will always be well taken care of. Quality Cleaning Service offers a flexible schedule that will work with you.

As a BBB certified business and part of ISN, a safety membership required by some of our valued customers, we are confident we can provide the high-quality, reliable commercial cleaning service in Adrian, Michigan you are looking for. Contact Quality Cleaning Service to learn more.